On the relation between sized-types based termination and semantic labelling. F. Blanqui and C. Roux. CSL'09. LNCS 5771. Full version.

We investigate the relationship between two independently developed termination techniques. On the one hand, sized-types based termination (SBT) uses types annotated with size expressions and Girard's reducibility candidates, and applies on systems using constructor matching only. On the other hand, semantic labelling transforms a rewrite system by annotating each function symbol with the semantics of its arguments, and applies to any rewrite system.

First, we introduce a simplified version of SBT for the simply-typed lambda-calculus. Then, we give new proofs of the correctness of SBT using semantic labelling, both in the first and in the higher-order case. As a consequence, we show that SBT can be extended to systems using matching on defined symbols (e.g. associative functions).

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