The new rewriting engine of Dedukti, with Gabriel Hondet, 16 pages, FSCD 2020, LIPIcs 167.

Dedukti is a type-checker for the λΠ-calculus modulo rewriting, an extension of Edinburgh’s logical framework LF where functions and type symbols can be defined by rewrite rules. It therefore contains an engine for rewriting LF terms and types according to the rewrite rules given by the user. A key component of this engine is the matching algorithm to find which rules can be fired. In this paper, we describe the class of rewrite rules supported by Dedukti and the new implementation of the matching algorithm. Dedukti supports non-linear rewrite rules on terms with binders using higher-order pattern-matching as in Combinatory Reduction Systems (CRS). The new matching algorithm extends the technique of decision trees introduced by Luc Maranget in the OCaml compiler to this more general context.

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