Argument filterings and usable rules in higher-order rewrite systems. S. Suzuki, K. Kusakari and F. Blanqui. IPSJ Transactions on Programmin 4(2), 12 pages, 2011.

The static dependency pair method is a method for proving the termination of higher-order rewrite systems &aagrave; la Nipkow. It combines the dependency pair method introduced for first-order rewrite systems with the notion of strong computability introduced for typed lambda-calculi. Argument filterings and usable rules are two important methods of the dependency pair framework used by current state-of-the-art first-order automated termination provers. In this paper, we extend the class of higher-order systems on which the static dependency pair method can be applied. Then, we extend argument filterings and usable rules to higher-order rewriting, hence providing the basis for a powerful automated termination prover for higher-order rewrite systems.

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