A document-centered approach for an open CASE environment framework connected with the WWW. F. Blanqui. SEN 22(2), 6 pages, 1997.

Software development suffers from a number of well known difficulties, both technical and managerial. A technical approach that could help to reduce them is the use of Computer-Aided Software Engineering (CASE) technologies. However, current Integrated Project Support Environment (IPSE) frameworks impose many constraints on CASE tool venders, and this has impeded their adoption. A more incremental strategy should be considered for the transfer and the diffusion of those technologies.

This paper describes a document-centered approach and a simple but extendable system called Open Software Development System (OSDS) based on this approach. First, we describe difficulties inherent in the management of documents involved in software development. Second, we define some requirements to address those difficulties. Finally, we describe the important features of OSDS; these include an extension of Mosaic that enables anyone with network access to connect to an OSDS, browse through it, and automatically integrate some documents into his/her own system.

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