From formal proofs to mathematical proofs: a safe, incremental way for building in first-order decision procedures. F. Blanqui, J.-P. Jouannaud and P.-Y. Strub. TCS'08. IFIP 273, 17 pages.

We investigate here a new version of the Calculus of Inductive Constructions (CIC) on which the proof assistant Coq is based: the Calculus of Congruent Inductive Constructions, which truly extends CIC by building in arbitrary first-order decision procedures: deduction is still in charge of the CIC kernel, while computation is outsourced to dedicated first-order decision procedures that can be taken from the shelves provided they deliver a proof certificate. The soundness of the whole system becomes an incremental property following from the soundness of the certificate checkers and that of the kernel. A detailed example shows that the resulting style of proofs becomes closer to that of the working mathematician.

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